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The Bakery: Elevating Christian Ministries

Here at ECM, we believe in sustainability and providing hope to people through employment. The Elevating Christian Ministries bakery is doing just that, employing the people of Haiti.

Prayer Mountain

See what a time of worship with local Haitians looks like after taking a hike the small mountain outside Gonaives, Haiti. For more information on taking a trip to Haiti with Elevating Christian Ministries: www.elevating.org/trips

Elevating Haiti Trip Promo

Take a trip with Elevating Christian Ministries to Haiti and experience the power of giving. Change lives and be changed. "We know we can do more. We are building the resources and partnerships to help even more people ...

Elevating Christian Ministries: Our Co-founder's Story

"It is really about saying yes. When God calls you to do something, you do it. We firmly believe in our heart, if you're not willing to do something, he's going to put somebody else in your place to do it." Hear from our Co-founders ...

James Cammilleri & Sarah Cammilleri - Founders of ECM

James Cammilleri and his wife Sarah have found their calling when they founded Elevating Christian Ministries, in order to help assist the hunger crisis in Haiti!

Follow James Cammilleri for their latest journeys & how you can help:

https://twitter.com/CammilleriJames https://medium.com/@jamescammilleri

Bread Program: Elevating Christian Ministries

“When we decided to help on a larger scale, I immediately thought about my mother. I was brought up in a house where my mom would buy wheat in buckets, and she would grind the wheat and bake bread every day. Breads made from fresh-ground ingredients contain every essential vitamin and nutrient that the human body needs. I knew we had to start by feeding these children and baking nutritious bread.”

James Cammilleri Discusses Helping Those In Haiti

James Cammilleri & The Elevating Christian Ministries have a passion for helping out the communities in Haiti, along with their children, churches and schools!

How Religion & Spirituality Influence ECM's Philosophy

James Cammilleri says how it all started with bread! Their involvement with bringing more nutritious items and supplies to Haiti has been their life calling and mission for numerous years!

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