James Cammilleri


James Cammilleri has built a successful 30+ career as both a businessman and philanthropist. This success has been heavily documented by the media, allowing James and the Elevating Christian Ministries team to spread awareness of their mission and efforts. The more people they reach, the closer they get to elevating communities in Haiti to form a culture of hope and self sustainability. Interested in featuring James and Elevating Christian Ministries in your next article? Submit a contact form today.

Inspirery Interview with Co-Founder of Elevating Christian Ministries

The inspiration came from our belief that serving people is how you share your blessings. My wife and I have been fortunate in the business world and we asked Gof for guidance on how to share ...

Developing Business in a Third World Country

tarting a business is a difficult task that is made even more difficult when you are doing it in a third world country. Depending on the business you are starting, there are several major factors ...

What Does Elevating Christian Ministries Assist With?

Around the world, there is more than enough food produced every day to feed the global population, and yet 821 million people go hungry every year. After steadily declining for a decade, world ...

James Cammilleri Cultivates Positive Change with Elevating Christian Ministries

James Cammilleri and his wife Sarah founded Elevating Christian Ministries to help strengthen community organizations and empower local churches and pastors to help make a difference ...

What is Elevating Christian Ministries Philosophy?

It often feels like the news is filled with stories of corruption, environmental disaster and rising political tensions, but what about all the good news? Occasionally, it is comforting to ...

3 Ways Non Profit Organizations & Charities Tranform Lives

Famed author Charles Dickens once observed that “no one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of others.”

How Religion and Spirituality Influence the Elevating Christian Ministries Philosophy

Bread plays a significant role in the Bible. A good number of miracle stories involve bread. There is the story of the five barley loaves and two fishes that turned into 12 baskets of leftovers in the book of John. Then, there is the miracle of Christ’s body, becoming the bread at the Last Supper in Luke. While a good number of people believe that bread was just a metaphor for the body of Christ, there are a few religious traditions that believe the bread served at Communion is the actual body of Christ.

James Cammilleri
James Cammilleri
James Cammilleri

The Struggles Missions Face When Cultivating Change

James Cammilleri, the co-founder of Elevating Christian Ministries, has worked to help various communities across the globe...

Franchising or Mom and Pop; What Direction to Go When Starting Your Business

Deciding to buy a business is one of the largest decisions you can make. It is an exciting time, but also a stressful decision. What industry? What store?

James Cammilleri on the Rebuilding Efforts in Haiti – Progress and Next Steps

The nation of Haiti has been plagued with environmental disasters since the large earthquake that devastated the capital, Port au Prince, in 2010. While the world’s attention has moved on to other affected areas like the Baha...

SUCCESS STORY: FRANCHISE LENDING. Commitments you can count on.

James and Sarah Cammilleri owned and operated 12 successful Burger King franchises. When they decided to significantly expand their operation, they needed to secure a franchise loan to get the deal done.

Discussing the Difference Between Nonprofit Organizations & Charities

James Cammilleri, the co-founder of Elevating Christian Ministries, has worked to help various communities across the globe...

The Current Struggle to Improve Leadership in Developing Countries

While North American and European organizations focus on evolving and improving their leadership, many developing nations find their opportunity for political and economic growth lacking.

Ideamensch Interview with James Cammilleri

Entrepreneur and Philanthropist, James Cammilleri has been a successful restaurant owner for over twenty years. He became involved with the Burger King business in 1989 while working in his father’s restaura...

James Cammilleri Cultivates Positive Change with Elevating Christian Ministries

James Cammilleri, founder of Elevating Christian Ministries continues to provide unwavering support to the people of Haiti during a time of political unrest. With the population facing ...

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