James Cammilleri

James Cammilleri and his wife, Sarah, founded Elevating Christian Ministries in 2016.

“My wife and I have been fortunate in the business world and we asked God for guidance on how to share our blessings with others. Within less than a week, an old high school friend that I hadn’t spoken to in thirty years happened to call me.” explains James. “As we were catching up, I mentioned that Sarah and I were looking for something else we could do that would leave a real impact. My friend asked if we would consider going to Haiti to help with their infrastructure problems. There wasn’t anything for us to consider, we immediately agreed.”

While visiting Haiti, where they helped build schools and churches, James Cammilleri spoke with locals about their true needs. Soon it became clear their biggest concern was feeding children.

"We could have simply sent money to feed children and forgotten about it, but how does that help the local community if the money doesn’t reach them? We wanted to not just provide food, but also educate the people on how to make that food reach the entire community."

James Cammilleri

Co-Founder, Elevating Christian Ministries
James Cammilleri

James and Sarah knew providing food was only half the battle. In order for their work to truly impact the communities, they also had to educate locals on how to prepare food that can sustain many. Through building bread ovens and teaching communities how to bake bread with local ingredients, Elevating Christian Ministries has been able to feed 10,000+ Haitian citizens. 

What started with bread in Haiti has now flourished into a partnership with community leaders to:

In addition to Elevating Christian Ministries,

James Cammilleri is a Burger King franchisee with more than ten stores around the Rochester and Buffalo area. He hopes that he can use this experience as a successful entrepreneur to help others build their legacy and share their blessings. In a series of blogs, James discusses tips for building a business and establishing an identity. Read his insights here

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“We’ve met plenty of people who are tired because they said yes to people, but we’ve never met anyone who was tired because they said yes to God.”